The FCA has comprised a series of webinars to help practitioners build their office and staff.  With a variety of categories available, we are ready to share valuable information, with the purpose to help your chiropractic office succeed!

Our Practice Building Webinar Series is designed to help chiropractic offices build a compliant yet successful practice. SOME of these courses have been approved for CE credit...and if you visit the "CE Courses" tab of ChiroLearn, you can find out which classes they are and achieve CEs if you wish.  Again, this area of the website is designed as an online library of webinars for learning purposes only...NOT FOR CE CREDIT. Enjoy!

*The cost for all webinars is $15.  FCA Members can view any of these lectures for FREE.  Click here if you are interested in learning about the benefits of becoming an FCA Member.

CategoriesWebinar Titles
CA Training

The CA Masterclass: The Art of Communication

Marketing/Social Media

How to Use Buffer to Preschedule Your Social Media Posts

 1:3 Social Strategy for Boomers

2:3 Love Social Media and Want More Out of It?

3:3 Social How-To's: Attract Fans and Grow Email

Practice Building/Success

The Five Secrets to Running a Low-Overhead, High Profit, Stress-Free Practice

How to Add Additional Streams of Income to Your Practice in The Next 90 Days Even In These Uncertain Times

Public Perception of Chiropractic Through the Decades

Positioning Your Practice to Thrive: Building Resources & Increasing Communication

Insurance Resources

HIPAA Policies: Protecting Your Privacy and Security

Medicare: Enrollment and Participation

Medicare and Chiropractic Services Coverage, No Coverage Exclusions and Medicare Necessity

Providing Telehealth to Today's Chiropractic Patient

Personal Injury Part 1: Historical Background & Mechanism of Injury

Personal Injury Part 2: Standardization & Accurate Injury Assessments

Personal Injury Part 3: Determining Patient Benefits


Benefits of Adding Cannabidiol (CBD) Treatments for Chiropractic Patients

Patient Communication

Caring for Patients Who Are Terminally or Chronically Ill

Sports Chiropractic: How to Survive and Thrive


Nutritional Practices for Increasing Patient Health Through a Pandemic

Detoxing the Body From the Environmental Toxins

Fasting and Nutrition Protocols for Best Patient Outcomes

How Brain Mapping Demonstrates Anxiety & ADHD: Saving your brain


Extremity Adjusting: Adjusting the Wrist

Extremity Adjusting: The Supinated Foot, Knee, and Hip

Maximize Your “Hands-On” Adjustment Using the Arc of Tension

Practice Management

The Posture & Longevity Connection

Financial Communication- Cleaning Up Your Billing & Accounts Receivable

Correct Coding to Keep More of What You Earn

Mastering the 2021 Evaluation & Management Coding Changes

How to Communicate with Attorneys & Adjusters to Get Paid for Your Personal Injury Cases

Digital Communication- Online Lead Capturing and Nurturing Tools that Work

The Five-Step Sales Communication Process- Overcoming Objections & Converting Leads to Patients

How to Use Video to Engage Your Patients & Grow Your Practice

Living at Cause: Which Side of the Equation Are You On?

How to Maintain a Positive Mindset Even During Tough Times

Ignite Your Passion & Performance: Embracing Positive Change

Deciding to Purchase or Lease Space - Making the Right Choice for Your Practice