Chiropractic physicians in the following states have been approved for continuing education credit awarded from Chirolearn: CO, CT, DE, DC, FL, GA, ID, IL, IA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MT, NE, NJ, NM, NY, OR, RI, SC, UT, VT, VA, and WA.  The FCA will report hours accrued within 2 business days to CE Broker (the reporting system for the state of FL), however, the reporting of hours for each state varies. If you are looking for credit in a state other than FL, please check with your state to see how to best report the hours.  In an effort to continue to provide you with variety and options, content will be added weekly to our growing list of CE's.

Credit Hour abbreviations:

GEN - General  RM- Risk Management  HT - Human Trafficking  ETH - Ethics  HIV - HIV/AIDS  ME - Medical Errors  FLR - Florida Laws and Rules  DOC- Documentation, Record Keeping, Coding  

  Title SpeakerCreditCredit TypeMember/
The Adaptable Chiropractic Office of the Future: Telehealth and MoreDr. Gwilliam1.0 DOCDC only$15 / $259/11/22
Adjusting the Supinated Foot, Knee, and HipDr. Charrette1.0 GENDC only$15 / $255/22/22
Adjusting the WristDr. Charrette1.0 GENDC only$15 / $255/22/22
Beautify Your “Hands-On” Adjustment Using the Arc of TensionDr. Dubarry1.0 GENDC, CCPA$15 / $259/14/22
Become Opioid Aware: Impact on the Florida Patient PopulationDr. Petrocco-Napuli1.0 RMDC, CCPA$15 / $259/14/22
Chronic Illness and Care of the Terminally Ill PatientDr. Lockenour1.0 ETHDC, CCPA$15 / $259/23/22
Cleaning Up on the Ketogenic DietDr. Silverman1.0 GENDC only$15 / $254/29/22
Detox: Deep DiveDr. Silverman1.0 GENDC only$15 / $258/12/22
HIPAA PoliciesFrawley & Shaffer1.0 DOCDC, CCPA$15 / $259/17/22
HIV and AIDS A Public Health Perspective - Part 1 Dr. Jourdan1.0 HIVDC only$15 / $259/17/22
HIV and AIDS A Public Health Perspective - Part 2 Dr. Jourdan1.0 HIVDC only$15 / $259/17/22
HIV and AIDS A Public Health Perspective - Part 3 Dr. Jourdan1.0 HIVDC only$15 / $259/17/22
How Laser Therapy Can Improve Patient Results and Create the Office of the FutureDr. Gair1.0 GENDC only$15 / $259/11/22
Human Trafficking AwarenessDr. Fucinari1.0 HTDC, CCPA$15 / $254/29/22
Immunology and Testing: What We Need to Know and What We Need to Ask During This PandemicDr. Howard1.0 RMDC, CCPA$15 / $259/23/22
Integrating Fasting into Nutritional Protocols: A Functional Medicine ApproachDr. Silverman1.0 GENDC only$15 / $258/19/22
Keeping You and Your Patients Healthy Through a Pandemic: Recommendations We Can All FollowDr. Howard1.0 GENDC only$15 / $258/22/22
Musculoskeletal Laser Therapy: Proven Protocols for Clinical SuccessDr. Silverman1.0 GENDC only$15 / $254/29/22
Plan of CareDr. Gwilliam1.0 DOCDC, CCPA$15 / $259/23/22
Positioning Your Practice: What the Research ShowsDr. Mancini1.0 GENDC only$15 / $257/23/21
Public Perception of Chiropractic: What the Research ShowsSpeaker Panel1.0 GENDC only$15 / $257/23/21
Science Based Functional Nutrition - Part 1Dr. Hartz1.0 GENDC only$15 / $254/29/22
Science Based Functional Nutrition - Part 2Dr. Hartz1.0 GENDC only$15 / $254/29/22
Simplifying HIPAAMatt DiBlasi1.0 GENDC only$15 / $259/17/22
What You Say CAN Hurt You: Surviving and Thriving in Sports Chiropractic Dr. Sokoloff1.0 RMDC, CCPA$15 / $259/23/22


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