What Does The FCA Do For You:

  • protects the welfare of its individual members, regardless of philosophy, as well as education of the public concerning the chiropractic profession. 
  • advocates the position that chiropractic is a distinct and separate healing arts science. 
  • supports the statutory authority of the individual practitioner to examine, analyze and or diagnose the human living body and its diseases by any method taught by an accredited chiropractic college and use any other method of examination or therapeutics taught by any accredited chiropractic college for which the practitioner holds Florida Department of Health licensure/certification. 

What The FCA Believes

Chiropractic in a non-combative principle and practice consisting of the science of the adjustment, manipulation and treatment of the human body in which vertebral subluxations are adjusted, manipulated or treated, thus improving neurological integrity and biomechanical physiology. 

The Florida Chiropractic Association is not affiliated with any other state or national organization; however, the FCA does encourage its members to be a member of a national organization of his or her own personal choice. The Florida Chiropractic Association further believes that individual practitioner's use of any and all procedures herein described should be entirely up to that individual, based on his own philosophy of practice.

Benefits Of Being An FCA Member

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