Frequently Asked Questions:

What does DABCI stand for? 
  • DABCI is an acronym – Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Internists 

What “is” a DABCI? 
  • A DABCI is a practitioner completing at least 300 hours of coursework approved by the Counsel of Diagnostics and Internal Disorders.  They have also successfully completed all board requirements to receive a DABCI certificate. 
Does having a DABCI certification expand my scope of practice? 
  • Holding a Diplomate, of any kind, does not expand your scope of practice.  It does however instill the confidence and proficiency to allow you to utilize your full scope.  Many states have a broad scope of practice for a licensed Chiropractor.  It is often under-utilized either due to lack of knowledge of the law, or hesitation to pursue available services and procedures due to inadequate training.  We feel that the DABCI University program is one of the most comprehensive and thorough Diplomates available to date.   
Who teaches the program? 
  • Dr. William Kleber and Dr. Brett Wisniewski direct the DABCI University Online; they can be reached at 970-532-2755.  The teachers in the program have been hand-selected by Dr. William Kleber for their extensive knowledge on a specific subject and their active role in clinical practice.  Dr. Kleber was adamant about choosing teachers who follow the “practice what you preach” model, as he feels this gives the most accurate representation of scientific literature in clinical practice.  Too often available programs are purely academic—this makes it very difficult to transition the information into use at a clinical level.  This is NOT the case with DABCI University Online. 
I see other DABCI programs in other parts of the country, are they the same? 
  • There are other DABCI programs hosted by ProHealth Seminars in other states.  These programs also provide CDID approved course hours but are separate from the Online DABCI series.  We do work closely with ProHealth Seminars, specifically for those students who miss one of our classes and need to make it up.  We can help you find a location for you to make up those hours. 
I am a DC student when can I start the DABCI program? 
  • NOW!  It is never too early to start the Florida DABCI program and enrolling as a student entitles you to a discount even after you graduate!  If you feel like you will be overwhelmed with information since you do not practice yet, don’t be!  Nearly 40% of our classes are comprised of Chiropractic students, all of which have given great feedback on how this training helps with board exams, and allowed them to stand out from their classmates.  Some chiropractic students even found their employment through the DABCI course, as they connect with existing practitioners also taking the program.
What disciplines can take the DABCI program? 
  • Any student or licensed professional in the healthcare field is welcome to take the program.  Although the program was originally produced for the chiropractic profession, there is little content in the DABCI program about the subluxation complex and chiropractic adjustment - although important, we feel students of the program are already well-versed in this facet of the profession.  We concentrate on blood chemistry analysis, functional medicine approaches to complex cases, nutrition and so much more that can benefit nearly any healthcare practitioner! 
  • Any of the following professions may take the DABCI course:  DC, MD, NP, RN, dieticians and more are all welcome! 

NOTE:  Only DCs are eligible for the DABCI certificate. 




Where are the classes normally held? 
  • 20 of the 26 classes are conveniently held online through our online education partner, ChiroLearn.   
  • The physical class locations for the other 6 modules will be announced once the programs begin; Currently, Florida and Colorado are the states we have scheduled for those live sessions.  
How will I be billed for the classes? 
  • You will be billed for classes as you register for them.  This allows you to take the classes at your pace and in whatever order you would like.  All billings are handled through ChiroLearn and such questions and concerns should be directed towards their knowledgeable and extremely helpful team! They can be reached M-F, 9am - 5pm EST at:  407-654-3225 or
Can I go back and watch the recording again? 
  • Yes, the content will be available for some time after you have completed watching the session (this timeline is TBD). 

In what order am I supposed to take the course? 
  • Ideally it would be best to take the program in the order it has been designed.  We understand that you may not be interested in each session or a certain topic might be more appropriate for your current practice.  Feel free to jump around as you wish. 
Do I have to take the entire program? 
  • The ENTIRE program has so much to offer, from nationally recognized speakers to live clinical cases, so we encourage you to take the entire program.  We would love to see more doctors sit for the DABCI boards!  With that being said, you can take 1 or all of the sessions, whatever you would like, at any time, anywhere in the world with internet access!  
What is the cost of the program? 
  • The fees are based on 12-hour sessions and are $375.00 USD per 12 hours of online instruction.  The fees of the live events are simply the registration fees, which can be found on the event websites. 
Are there any discounts? 
  • Yes!  Be sure to check the website for more information or email to authenticate if you are a student, FCA member, faculty at a chiropractic college, or are auditing our course after you have already become a licensed DABCI.
How do I get my Nutrition Diplomate (DACBN) through the DABCI program? 
  • We are investigating how you can earn DACBN hours from this online program... More information coming soon! 



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