• Best insurance equality laws in the nation
  • Greater chiropractic acceptance through high educational standards
  • Chiropractic coverage and equality under no-fault statutes
  • Chiropractic reimbursement under Florida's Medicaid Program
  • Development of publications and PR materials to assist the doctor's personal and practice success, at reduced or no cost
  • Defense of the Florida Chiropractic Practice Act, considered a model by the rest of the nation.
  • Continued improvement in third party/insurance inclusion
  • Inclusion of chiropractic in Florida's team physician statutes
  • Development of highly trained professional staff, accessible and responsive to the member doctor for assistance in professional problems he or she encounters on a daily basis.


No other association can make these claims!

It is easy for any group to say they are committed to a set of goals that have already been accomplished by another group. If you are a member of FCA, then you have helped to accomplish the above. If you are not a member, please join today. There is much more to accomplish.

Benefits to Joining!

There are some great advantages to belonging to the FCA. Here are just a few of the benefits we offer to make sure your dues are always a wise investment in your professional success:

FCA Website

Access the Members Only section of the FCA Website for a searchable directory, calendar of events, leadership, government relations and legal information, committee and council reports, insurance and recordkeeping information and a vast array of free manuals, forms and links that save you big dollars. Your listing in "Find a Doctor" makes it easy for new patients in your area to find you. The FCA website has become the #1 resource for law and regulation changes and important documents needed for your Florida practice.

Political Action

ChiroPAC, FCA's political action committee, solicits contributions from members and supports the election and reelection efforts of Florida legislators who are friends of the profession. Through one of Florida's most effective grassroots network, politically-inclined members are matched as key contacts to each legislator. Chiro-PAC is one of the strongest PACs in Florida. Its strength ensures chiropractic's continued role as a major player in influencing state legislation affecting the profession.

Legislative Action

The FCA employs a team of six lobbyists to monitor the legislative climate in Florida and represent your interests. The FCA Government Relations Committee also works hard on chiropractic at the grassroots level and in the Legislature. Significant strides for the profession have been made through the FCA's effective legislative program, with many statutory references added to give more authority for you and better access to your services by Floridians.

FCA Publications

Informational e-mails and digital publications are sent to members only, presenting timely and pertinent materials and the latest in membership benefits.

Public Relations

The FCA is a long-time and large annual contributor to the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, seeking to further public relations for the profession throughout the USA. Because of its strong support of the Foundation, all FCA members are group members of the F4CP and have access to its many materials for you to use in your own community public relations programs. These include sample ads, press releases, proclamations, and many other PR tools with which you can build the image of chiropractic in your local community.

Free Classified Advertising

Looked in the classified ads lately? 

Information Source

A knowledgeable, full-time staff is available to answer questions and to provide assistance. Call us at 407-654-3225.

Life Insurance Program: Tax-Deductible "Return of Dues"

Your FCA dues yield much more than the prestige of membership or educational benefits. Each year the FCA accumulates the value of your dues for a life insurance benefit. The actual value of your return of dues benefit equals the accumulated amount invested in your dues paid to date, up to $5000. Upon your death, your designated beneficiary will receive all dues you have paid in consecutively, up to $5000 plus a 10% bonus, provided your membership was uninterrupted. So FCA membership gives you a tax-deductible form of life insurance! 

Leadership Potential

FCA offers many opportunities for personal growth and leadership. Many serve the profession by becoming involved in district activities, committee participation or special projects. The FCA is a democratic organization, you can become involved and make a difference in the direction and progress of the Association and the profession.

Legal Action

The FCA's General Counsel continually monitors legal issues of importance to the profession. When necessary, the Association takes legal action to protect the interests of the practitioner.

Members Only Private Insurance Exchange

The FCA brings its members an exclusive program of member benefits - the FCA Private Insurance Exchange. The Exchange has been designed as an online marketplace where FCA members, their staff, and dependents, can compare and purchase products from industry-leading insurance providers. Available for individuals as well as employer groups, the Exchange offers a variety of insurance products: Health, Term Life, Long-Term Disability, Employer Group Exchange, Vision, Lifelock, Dental, Pet Insurance and other products are available. Visit their website or call 800-282-8626.

Conventions & Expositions

Each year the FCA offers getaway weekends with educational seminars for license renewal plus expositions featuring the latest in chiropractic products and services to enhance your practice. THE NATIONAL by FCA is the largest chiropractic convention and exposition in the Nation!

Local Society Meetings

These meetings with 18 FCA affiliated local societies offer an excellent forum for specific issues of concern to DCs in varying areas of Florida. They also help to build camaraderie within the profession.

Membership Discounts and Member Benefit Partnerships

FCA in conjunction with Vendor Partners offer approved Membership Benefits discounts for products and services.

Insurance Activities

The FCA Insurance Relations Committee takes on important issues within this area, keeps you up-to-date on the latest changes and continually strives to improve relations with the insurance industry.


Clinical Compass

Free access to The Clinical Compass Evidence Center.  This is not only a library of Research Summaries but also the communication pathway to The Clinical Compass Team and Research panel to facilitate the flow of information and advice.


Education Programs

Each year the FCA provides a variety of education programs geared to the needs of the membership.  Many qualify for license renewal, while others are purely informational.  Programs are also provided for the chiropractic assistant.  Members receive greatly reduced rates for all FCA programs and many webinars are offered for free.


Carrick Institute

FCA members are eligible for discounts when taking the Functional Neurology Management of Concussion Program from Carrick Institute Education.  This program is designed to equip clinicians with the latest in concussion management.