Opioid Crisis Revealed and The Chiropractic Solution

Lori Allen, MBA, Matthew Antonucci, DC, James L. Chestnut, DC, Fabrizio Mancini, DC, Sherry McAllister, DC, Daniel J. Murphy, DC, Scott Walker, DC

Opioid over-prescription reached epidemic proportions in 2014 and was cited as an epidemic in 2016, and despite the awareness, usage of opioids has sustained. This epidemic has been cited as a leading cause of new heroin addiction and The American Public Health Association has prioritized opioid use as a key health concern. With many prescriptions related to spinal pain, this presentation will outline the role of chiropractors and other natural healthcare physicians in delivering sustainable conservative solutions. This lecture takes you on a deep dive into how the issue began and increases awareness of your co-managed patients, all in an effort for learners to recognize addiction early and avoid making a medical error for the patient or the practitioner.


Learning Objectives

  • Identify the origination of the opioid epidemic.
  • Understand the household implications of today.
  • Recognize chronic pain and how patients respond to adjustments.
  • Educate patients on pain and how to properly treat themselves.
Course summary
Available credit: 
  • 2.00 Certified Chiropractic Physicians Assistant (CCPA) CE
    • 2.00 Medical Errors (ME) credit
  • 2.00 Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) CE
    • 2.00 Medical Errors (ME) credit
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Lori W. Allen, BS, MBA:

Lori AllenLori W. Allen is a practice management expert who has skillfully bolstered financial and operational success for hundreds of chiropractic offices nationwide. Specializing in administrative excellence, patient education, and communication, she creates an environment ideal for practice growth and successful patient outcomes. In addition to training and presenting at the FCA, Lori is a featured educator and presenter at both the Texas and California Chiropractic Associations, and she is a regular speaker at many prestigious educational institutions. Education has always been the foundation of Lori’s practice management model, and these teaching engagements allow her to reach thousands of professionals across the country.

Through the development of educational videos, modules, classes, and manuals, Lori has set the gold standard for operational excellence and has established herself as the nation’s premier CA trainer. The Florida Chiropractic Journal and The Texas Journal of Chiropractic feature Lori as a regular contributor.



Matthew AntonucciDr. Antonucci is an ACNB board-certified chiropractic neurologist, ACFN board-certified functional neurology practitioner, researcher, and international lecturer with nearly 15 years of clinical experience. Although specializing in concussions, he has proudly participated in the health transformation of thousands of patients with complex neurological conditions and performance challenges by prescribing and administering client-specific brain rehabilitation programs.

His work with concussions has been featured in ESPN, Sports Illustrated, FOX News, USA Today, the New York Times, and many other media outlets. He is a highly sought-after Carrick Institute speaker who has created and delivered thousands of hours of education to tens of thousands of healthcare providers domestically and internationally. He has also authored several peer-reviewed publications. He is a loving husband and the father of five amazing boys, whom he hopes to inspire to follow in his footsteps.

James L. Chestnut, BEd, MSc, DC, CCWP

James ChestnutDr. James L. Chestnut holds a Bachelor of Physical Education degree, a Master of Science degree in Exercise Physiology with a specialization in neuromuscular adaptation, a Doctor of Chiropractic, and a post-graduate Certification in Evidence-Based Chiropractic and Wellness Lifestyle. Dr. Chestnut has devoted his professional life to the implementation of evidence-based chiropractic and lifestyle intervention. Dr. Chestnut developed, wrote the texts, and still teaches his fully accredited post-graduate Evidence-Based Chiropractic and Lifestyle certification program; the first of its kind in the chiropractic profession. He also writes a monthly Research Review newsletter for chiropractors which does not simply summarize the literature but critiques its methodological validity and explains its clinical relevance.

Dr. Chestnut’s book, ‘Live Right for Your Species Type’, offers an irrefutable, highly referenced, evidence-based argument that unhealthy lifestyle stressors leading to adaptive epigenetic changes resulting in chronic metabolic allostatic load are the root causes of the chronic illness pandemic, not pathological genes or pathological self-regulation. The evidence is unequivocal; unhealthy lifestyle habits are, by far, the leading cause of chronic illness, and healthy lifestyle choices are the only evidence-based wellness and prevention solution. Dr. Chestnut is adamant that chiropractors should take a leading role in providing evidence-based neuromusculoskeletal and lifestyle intervention. 

Dr. Chestnut has also recently developed evidence-based chiropractic and lifestyle clinical intervention protocols which are in use around the world. He also created the evidence-based Innate Choice® Essential Nutrient System and the online Eat Well – Move Well – Think Well® 90 Day Lifestyle™ Plan. Dr. Chestnut’s efforts have influenced thousands of chiropractors, and through them, improved the health and quality of life of millions of patients worldwide. Dr. Chestnut received numerous academic awards of distinction during his undergraduate and graduate studies and has received numerous professional awards for his overall contributions to the chiropractic profession as an author and lecturer.

For more information please visit www.thewellnesspractice.com or www.eatwellmovewellthinkwell.com or  www.innatechoice.com.  

Fabrizio Mancini, DC, FICC, FACC

Fab ManciniDr. Fab Mancini is America’s #1 healthy living media expert, mentor to millionaires, Hay House’s international best-selling author of the “Power of Self-Healing” and host of his TV series “Thriving in the New Normal”, popular radio show “Self-Healing with Dr. Fab” and podcast “The Fab Life”.

Dr. Fab is also the best-selling author of “Chicken Soup for the Chiropractic Soul”, an internationally acclaimed educator, consultant, business leader, speaker, world-renowned chiropractor, and president emeritus of Parker University. He has been featured on Dr. Phil, The Doctors, Fox News, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, Univision, Telemundo and others. He has been interviewed in various documentaries and has received honors including Heroes for Humanity, Humanitarian of the Year, CEO of the Year, and induction into the Wellness Revolutionaries Hall of Fame. Dr. Mancini is also a graduate of the prestigious Institute for Educational Management in the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University. The President of Mexico named the Library at UNEVE, Mexico’s new Leading University, after him.

Sherry McAllister, DC, M.S. (Ed) CCSP

Sherry McAllisterSherry McAllister serves as the President of the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, the national not-for-profit organization showcasing the benefits of chiropractic care across multiple platforms.

Dr. McAllister earned her Master’s in Education from the University of California East Bay and is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic West, where she served as an Associate Professor. She was also appointed to the Forbes Non-Profit Council. She is a frequent guest speaker for national conventions, corporate wellness programs, and business and healthcare alliances.  Dr. McAllister has served as a Qualified Medical Examiner, and Expert Chiropractic Witness for the State of California, and has been in private practice in San Jose since 1996.


Daniel J. Murphy, DC, DABCO

Daniel J. MurphyDan Murphy graduated magna cum laude from Western States Chiropractic College in 1978 and has more than 34 years of practice experience. He received his Diplomat in Chiropractic Orthopedics in 1986. Since 1982, Dan Murphy has served as a part-time undergraduate faculty at Life Chiropractic College West, where he is currently teaching classes to seniors in the Management of Spinal Disorders. His academic rank at the college is that of Professor. Dan Murphy is on the post-graduate faculty of several chiropractic colleges. His post-graduate continuing education classes include “Whiplash and Spinal Trauma”, Neuroimmunology”, “Pediatrics”, “Phospholipid Neurobiology”, “The Neurophysiology of Therapeutic Lasers”, and “Nutrition”. Dan Murphy is the coordinator of a year-long certification program (through the International Chiropractic Association) in “Chiropractic Spinal Trauma”, which was offered in Minneapolis in 2012.  He has taught more than 1,400 post-graduate continuing-education seminars, including classes in the United States, Canada, Australia, France, England, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, New Zealand, Spain, Panama, South Korea, and Peru.

Dan Murphy is a contributing author to the books Motor Vehicle Collision Injuries, published by Aspen, 1996; Pediatric Chiropractic, published by Williams & Wilkins, 1998 and 2011; and Motor Vehicle Collision Injuries, 2nd edition, Jones and Bartlett, 2005. Since 1991, Dan Murphy has written a quarterly column in the American Journal of Clinical Chiropractic, with more than 80 columns appearing to date. In 1987, 1991, and 1995 Dan Murphy received the “Post-Graduate Educator of the Year” award, given by the International Chiropractic Association. In 1997 he received “The Carl S. Cleveland, Jr., Educator of the Year” award, given by the International Chiropractic Association of California. In 2001, Dan Murphy was honored by the readers of Dynamic Chiropractic as the top vote receiver for the “Our Virtual Chiropractic Association”. He was also awarded “Chiropractor of the Year” by the International Chiropractic Association of California, and “Pediatric Chiropractor of the Year” by Chiropractic Pediatric University. In 2003, Dan Murphy was awarded “Chiropractor of the Year” by Chiropractic Biophysics. This award is most prestigious because Chiropractic Biophysics has more chiropractic research studies published in the scientific literature than any other chiropractic group. From 2003-2009 Dan Murphy was the Vice President of the International Chiropractic Association. He was honored to be chosen as “Chiropractor of the Year” by the International Chiropractic Association, May 2009 -2010. Dan Murphy reviews articles regarding alternative health issues, which can be accessed through his website at www.danmurphydc.com.

Scott Walker, DC

Scott WalkerDr. Scott Walker graduated from The Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA, in 1965. After many years of successful practice, he developed the technique now called Neuro Emotional Technique® (NET). He began teaching NET in 1988 and later, in 1994, developed unique homeopathic remedies that are utilized internationally.

Dr. Walker is a dynamic and motivating speaker. He is frequently requested to speak at national professional meetings, as well as participate in guest spots on the radio. His articles on NET have been published in several professional journals. As the Founder of The ONE (Our Net Effect) Research Foundation, a non-profit multi-disciplinary health education, research, and service organization, he is actively supporting research by exploring the effectiveness and various applications of NET. For his work, Dr. Walker was honored in 1992 by being voted by his peers as the Chiropractor of the Year by the Parker Seminars / Parker College of Chiropractic. Dr. Walker can be contacted through the NET office at 800-888-4638 or via email at Walkeroffice@NETmindbody.com.


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Available Credit

  • 2.00 Certified Chiropractic Physicians Assistant (CCPA) CE
    • 2.00 Medical Errors (ME) credit
  • 2.00 Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) CE
    • 2.00 Medical Errors (ME) credit


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