The Neurological Assessment, Quantification, and Documentation of Today’s Chiropractic Patient

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In 1939, Palmer invented and began utilizing the electroencephaloneuromentimpograph to increase the specificity and measure the effect of the chiropractic adjustment.  Today, chiropractors have an arsenal of neurological tests that can be performed at the bedside, with little or no equipment, for the same purpose.

Target Audience

Doctor of Chiropractic
Certified Chiropractic Physician's Assistant

Learning Objectives

Neurological assessment has many domains. In this 2-hour program we will discover and apply methods of assessing, measuring, and documenting integrity within the

Hour 1:

  • Identifying Chiropractic’s role in neurological wellness and performance
  • The assessment and documentation of balance utilizing the BESS Test

Hour 2:

  • Assessment and Documentation of cognitive integrity utilizing the Luria 3-Step Test
  • The Assessment and Documentation of cognitive impairment utilizing the MOCA
Course summary
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  • 2.00 Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) CE
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Matthew Antonucci studied for his Doctorate in Chiropractic at Life University, Dr. Antonucci became fascinated with the nervous system, particularly the brain, of humankind. He began taking extra-curricular neurology classes to understand the brain and nervous system better, and became enthralled with the study of neurology. He has a professional Master’s degree in neuroscience; has been awarded a diplomate in the sub-specialty of chiropractic neurology; is a certified fellow in multiple specialties: vestibular disorders, brain injury rehabilitation, nutrition and neurochemistry, childhood developmental disorders, and functional neurology. He has been inducted as a fellow into the exclusive and honorable International College of Chiropractic. Over the years, Dr. Antonucci had the great fortune of having spent thousands of hours as a first-assist in clinical rounds with Professor Frederick R. Carrick, a pioneer in the field of clinical neuroscience and rehabilitation. Throughout that time, he was constantly being guided and empowered to pursue clinical excellence.

Dr. Antonucci finds particular interest in treating traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), childhood developmental disorders, vestibular rehabilitation, movement disorders, sports and neurological performance enhancement, degenerative conditions, and conducting clinical research.

Available Credit

  • 2.00 Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) CE


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