Navigating Unpredicted Times and Preventing Medical Errors from the Pediatric to Geriatric Patients

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Chiropractic pediatrics is on the rise, and many are starting to take the time to educate their current patient population, providing awareness of what the adjustment or treatment is doing. As habits of young children change due to a drastic increase in technology, emerging importance is being placed on getting these kids active and balanced.

For our geriatrics, there is an increasing emphasis being placed on patients ability to function independently. The chiropractic profession focuses on providing distinct & quality care…and knowing the signs/symptoms of when different healing is necessary. This year some geriatric patients have stopped care, and some are continuing chiropractic care, knowing this population of people are the most at risk.

2020 has further propagated the phrase unprecedented times, for now we have a youth that is not as active or balanced, a geriatric population that is living longer but in poor health, and this year both populations were put in the spotlight to protect. This lecture will showcase how 2020 can be used as a wonderful time to educate, influence, adjust and lead both generations to better health – even with a virus that is not going away. This lecture is designed to highlight common missed conceptions, missed diagnosis’, and remind practitioners to look way back when recording a history, all in an effort to help you to avoid medical errors. Attendees will leave this lecture confident in how to provide a safe environment for our geriatric population and pediatric population alike & provide better ways to help conditions of our budding & aging population.  The saying “we take care of our own” rings true, and we are elated to bring clarification & insight as we continue to navigate the uncharted waters of tomorrow.

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Eric Nepute, DC

Dr. Eric Nepute I was born and raised on a working farm in a very small town in central Illinois. Dr. Eric jokes there were more boys on the farm than people in his town. As a young boy Dr. Eric Was always fascinated with the human body and athletics.  It was an injury that he suffered while playing college football that led him to the life of chiropractic and wellness care. Since that time, Dr. Eric Nepute has become a sought-after speaker, author, and physician. Dr. Nepute’s unique approach to health and wellness has led him to grow one of the largest health and wellness organization in the country. currently Dr. Nepute owns and operates 12 facilities and manages or affiliates with an additional 32 offices. His ability to take complex operations and make then into simple and effective systems is expertise. Dr. Nepute also trains and consults hundreds of physicians across the country on his Wellness Wheel system and has helped thousands of patients get their lives back with these methods. His high energy and high impact Presentations I have landed him on stage nationally as well as internationally. You do not want to miss the Opportunity to hear him speak. 


Dr. Cindy M. Howard earned her Doctorate in Chiropractic from National University of Health Sciences and is in private practice in Orland Park, Illinois, just south of Chicago. She is a Board Certified Chiropractic Internist and Board Certified Nutritionist and holds a Fellowship in Acupuncture from the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture and is currently working on her diplomate in Chiropractic Neurology.

Dr. Howard is the Director of Functional Nutrition for Neurosport Elite. She teaches for the DABCI (diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Internists) on male and female pelvic disorders, pediatrics, Immunology, GI disorders, Endocrinology and Nutritional Blood Analysis/ Interpretation. Other current positions include: Northern Illinois Delegate for the American Chiropractic Association and recipient of the Flynn/Lynch Award 2015 for outstanding service, Executive Board Member and instructor for POWERPlay in Sports, Medial Advisory Board for Integrative Therapeutics and the Functional Medicine University.

Locally she serves as a Board member for the Frankfort Falcons Youth Football organization, and team Chiropractic Physician for Dreamz Elite competitive Cheerleaders. She maintains her private practice and travels all over the country lecturing for various companies.


Matthew Antonucci, DC, DACNB, FACFN, FABCDD, FABVR, FABNN, FABBIR, FICC studied for his Doctorate in Chiropractic at Life University, Dr. Antonucci became fascinated with the nervous system, particularly the brain, of humankind. He began taking extra-curricular neurology classes to understand the brain and nervous system better, and became enthralled with the study of neurology. He has a professional Master’s degree in neuroscience; has been awarded a diplomate in the sub-specialty of chiropractic neurology; is a certified fellow in multiple specialties: vestibular disorders, brain injury rehabilitation, nutrition and neurochemistry, childhood developmental disorders, and functional neurology. He has been inducted as a fellow into the exclusive and honorable International College of Chiropractic. Over the years, Dr. Antonucci had the great fortune of having spent thousands of hours as a first-assist in clinical rounds with Professor Frederick R. Carrick, a pioneer in the field of clinical neuroscience and rehabilitation. Throughout that time, he was constantly being guided and empowered to pursue clinical excellence.

Dr. Antonucci finds particular interest in treating traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), childhood developmental disorders, vestibular rehabilitation, movement disorders, sports and neurological performance enhancement, degenerative conditions, and conducting clinical research.

J. Murray Hockings, DC

Dr. J. Murray Hockings has been a wellness expert for 29 years and is known as the “World’s #1 Diabetes Reversal Doctor.” He is the Founder/CEO of Help Your Diabetes® in Dallas, Texas, with 3 locations around the U.S. and a world-class Digital Platform & App. The Help Your Diabetes® program is the only Patented Type 2 Diabetes Reversal program in the world. Dr. Hockings has seen over 30,000 patients in his career and is an internationally recognized expert in natural health.

Dr. Hockings helps people with Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease conditions. Dr. Hockings is the Author of the books “Imagine Living Without Type 2 Diabetes” “Imagine Living Without Heart Disease” and “Send Your Doctor Packing”. He has given over 300 presentations on Type 2 Diabetes Reversal the past 7 years in 6 different countries (US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Dubai)

He is a member of the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Dr. Hockings has been married to his gorgeous wife, Traci, for 28 years and they have a beautiful 25-year-old daughter, Tiffani. He enjoys golfing, skiing, tennis, hiking, working out, martial arts, theater, and traveling with his family.

CJ Mertz, DC

By the age 28, Dr. CJ Mertz had already built his own Waiting List Practice. Serving a thousand patient’s visits per week, Dr. Mertz devised the most power and complete practice strategy ever known. His cash-like system was both affordable for patients and highly profitable. Dr. CJ’s patient education and communication systems inspired his patients to continue beyond corrective care plans, into proactive wellness care. Through an outpouring of peer requests worldwide, Dr. CJ Mertz founded The Waiting List Practice and Full Potential Leadership training programs. Since 1984 he has traveled almost four million miles, teaching more than 700 seminars, trained with nearly 16,000 doctors while visiting over 3600 private practices all over the globe. The award winning XLR8TM system has successfully built more practices serving greater than 400 patients per week profitably, than any other coaching program in history. Dr. Mertz is continually studying and researching business in the key areas that lead to new practice breakthroughs. “Now that these coaching tools are developed, troubleshooting to serve more people in your community has become a science for XLR8 clients around the world to reach their full potential.”

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  • 2.00 Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) CE


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