Taking the Mystery Out of Kinesiology and Energetic Testing: Part 2

Join Dr. Hartz, as he reviews the benefits of using a Science-based Biophoton energetics in your practice.  In addition, attendees will review neurological models, published literature and theories of biophoton physics, and energetics, to reveal how it can increase our outcomes.  

Learning Objectives

  • Using biophoton evaluation as reliable science-based information gathering tool in a Functional Nutrition.
  • Review the benefits to using a Science-based Biophoton energetics.
  • Reviewing research in biophoton and energetic physics and how to use in conjunction with a Functional Medicine Laboratory evaluation.
  • Review of case studies.
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Speaker: David Hartz, DC, CFMP

Dr. David Hartz, DC, CFMP, founded and directed one of the most successful and effective Nutrition and Functional Medicine practices in Florida. This waiting list practice attracted patients from all over the Southeast. Dr. Hartz has a long list of postgraduate studies from practitioners and experts from throughout the world.  He is the developer of Designed Nutrition Systems.  After his retirement from his practice of 40 years, he has dedicated the rest of his life to training and coaching effective and successful practitioners in Nutrition and Functional Medicine.  He has a passion to see the Chiropractic profession lead the way in the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases



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