HIPAA and Your Practice: Complaints, Breaches & COVID-19

Is your practice truly HIPAA compliant? Join us along with our industry-leading HIPAA compliance expert, Abyde, for an educational webinar to find out what being HIPAA compliant truly means and if your practice is prepared for a patient complaint or breach. Learn more about the government-mandated HIPAA risk assessment, business associate agreements, required annual training, and Office for Civil Rights (OCR) HIPAA audit requirements. Additionally, in response to the current outbreak, join us to dive deeper into how the current COVID-19 climate affects HIPAA and recent changes that impact your practice.

Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate your practice’s current HIPAA program compared to government-mandated requirements
  • Interpret enforcement trends, recent HIPAA changes related to COVID-19, and key examples of recent HIPAA violations
  • Determine your practice's future needs to maintain HIPAA compliance
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Speaker: Matt DiBlasi

Matt DiBlasi is President and Co-founder of Abyde, an industry-leading software company that specializes in HIPAA compliance. Abyde is an automated, cloud-based software solution that is revolutionizing the way providers attain and sustain internal HIPAA programs. With a multifaceted background in Healthcare IT, Matt has a unique perspective of the challenges independent practices face when attempting to adhere to government-mandated privacy and security rules. Matt has been a frequent speaker, educating thousands of providers on complex HIPAA requirements in an easy-to-understand and engaging format.


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